Superior Manufacturer of Stunt Scooters

Hydo Sports utilizes strength-focused materials such as smooth ABEC-9 bearings for performance,  passing the stringent EN 14619 standard.

Dedicated Services from a Leading Manufacturer: Flexibility and Bespoke Solutions

Our dedicated service extends beyond providing top-quality scooters. We also acknowledge the diverse needs of our clients. Therefore, we offer a flexible approach to minimum order quantities, adapting to both large-scale distributors and growing businesses.

In addition, we don’t just manufacture – we co-create, offering customization options to our valued clients. This allows our customers to inject brand identity into the scooters they order and stand out in their markets.

Stunt Scooter HYDS001-3

Stunt Scooter HYDS001 with Y-shaped Handlebar,Best choice for price ratio.

Stunt scooter HYDS002-5

High-Quality Aluminum Deck & T-Bar Handle Stunt Scooter for Beginner.

Stunt scooter HYDS003-1

Premium Stunt Scooter with Y-shaped Handlebar, ABEC-9 Bearings.

Stunt scooter HYDS004-1

Explore HYDS004 Stunt Scooter with Stylish Handlebars and ABEC-9 Bearings – Perfect for Beginner Riders.


High-performance stunt scooter HYDS005-Customized fun, beyond the limits.

Value Proposition from a Trusted Stunt Scooter Manufacturer: The Hydo Sports Advantage

At Hydo Sports, we redefine what it means to provide value.
As a hands-on manufacturer controlling every step of the production process, we ensure the high quality of our stunt scooters. This control means we can maximize manufacturing efficiency, resulting in an excellent balance between quality products and unmatched value offerings.
Experience the Hydo Sports difference – request a scooter sample today and discover our value to your business.
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