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As an electric skateboard manufacturer for 20 years, Hydo Sports has built various kinds of electric skateboards and electric longboards.

From Hydo Sports, You can order electric skateboards with brush motors or brushless motors, lead-acid batteries or lithium batteries, pneumatic tires for off-road or PU wheels for street, etc.

Send inquiry! Let the exceptional HYDO e-skateboards rocket your business.


4000W off-road electric skateboard, dual 2000W brushless motors


2600W 4×4 off-road electric skateboard, 4 *650W brush motors


1600W off-road electric skateboard, dual 800W brush motors


3200W electric skateboard, carbon fiber deck, dual 1600W brushless motors


2800W electric skateboard, carbon fiber deck, dual 1200W brushless hub motors


1600W electric skateboard, maple fiber deck, 1600W brushless motor


250W mini electric skateboard, maple deck, 250W brushless hub motor

Hydo Sports: Your Reliable Electric Skateboard Manufacturer

Hydo Sports has complete electric skateboard supply chain and professional QC team to execute IQC, IPQC, and FQC process. You don’t need to worry about the quality consistency of all your orders.

With 5,000 square meters workshop and skilled workers, Hydo Sports can produce over 10,000 pieces of electric skateboards and electric longboards per month. Making your e-skateboard orders fast and delivery on time.

Give us your electric skateboard order, and we will never let you down.

Hydo Sports: Your Reliable Electric Skateboard Manufacturer

If you want to enter the electric skateboard market, Hydo Sports is your best choice to manufacturer your e-skateboard orders.

We’re the first electric skateboard supplier in China to design and manufacture electric skateboards and electric longboards for the global market.

Our outstanding designer and engineer team will provide you various customized services:

  1. Color matching and LOGO customization for your electric skateboard orders;
  2. Modify motor power for different electric longboards;
  3. Other functional customizations.

Send us the email for your customized electric skateboard orders.

Electric Skateboard – The Complete FAQ Guide


The popularity of electric skateboard businesses keeps growing. So, is it an industry worth venturing as an investor?

If you want to operate a wholesale, retail, or even skateboard renting business, you need facts first.

This guide answers many questions you may have about starting/running skateboard a business.

Here we go:

1)    What Are the Various Types of Electric Skateboards to Sell?

Successful businesses often sell what buyers want.

Not all the types of electric skateboards out there sell fast. Seasons also change, and so does the demand for skateboards.

Notwithstanding the dynamism in the electric skateboard industry, here are the best-selling types:


Popular among riders who love the original electric skateboard. The best when it comes to surfing, especially on the sidewalk. Great for beginners and experienced riders. The wheels have a soft design for a smooth ride.

You do not need to stock them on specific seasons. They sell all year round and the best to stock if you are starting.

As long as you get quality types with warranties, you have got customers. You need enough stock and advertise them within your area.


Yes, they are a shorter and more rigid type. Wheels also tend to be smaller and closer, unlike those of longboards. Their decks curve upwards at both ends.

You can stock them if you run a business where there are experienced electric skaters. For beginners, these might be a little hard to use.

When marketing to your target customers, brand them as best for veteran skaters.

Offroad electric skateboards

Offroad type of electric skateboards has no specific purpose. Skaters often love riding all the other types above for pleasure. Many people also use them when commuting to work. Offroad may not be perfect for that.

As the name suggests, these electric skateboards are usable both on and off-road. Their trucks and wheels are different from those of regular skateboards. They also have a more powerful motor to perform the job.

It might be a perfect business if you want to target off-road users. You need to know the needs of your target customers and strive to meet them fully.

2)    Is the Electric Skateboard Industry Growing?

Yes, if you would like to venture into any electric skateboard business, do it. Why? The industry is growing. It means more customers in the future for the right traders.

As an illustration, stats of the electric skateboard industry reveal that it is growing tremendously. The rising demand for sporting equipment is what drives growth.

According to Grand View Research, the electric skateboard industry is on an upward trend. Projections also show that it will register revenue growth in the future.

The study projects that by 2025, the industry revenue will be about USD2.38 billion.

The popularity of electric skateboards among the youth is the main driver. The growth of sporting activities will create more opportunities as well.

Bottom line? You have all the reasons to start an electric skateboard business. The industry has many opportunities for you.

3)    What Do Buyers Check When Buying Electric Skateboards from Sellers?

You should always bear in mind that buyers want value for their money. So, the things they check are those related to functionality and durability.

Here are what most buyers check when purchasing electric skateboards from you:

  • Speed
  • Type of motor
  • Wattage
  • Charge time
  • Material
  • Deck style
  • Weight capacity
  • Warranty

4)    How Fast Can Electric Skateboards Go?

Electric Skateboard Speed

The fastest speed that you can attain with the fastest electric skateboard is 68mph. A few types can reach this. The Majority of others are designed for low-speed riding.

We customized a 4×4 electric skateboard that could go up to 50km/h. It’s based on our model HYDE2600B, updated to 72V motors and 72V30Ah lithium battery. You can contact us to customize your own model if you need it.

5)    Which Is the Biggest Electric Skateboard Market in the World?

You want to set up a wholesale store for electric skateboards in the leading marketplace? Well, North America is the biggest electric skateboard market in the world.

The lead is attributable to the fact that a great majority of the youth in America are skaters. The region is also one of the biggest in the production of electric skateboards across the world.

Over time, the Asian region is expected to grow tremendously. This is due to the expected increase in the love of outdoor sports.

6)    How Do I Choose the Best Electric Skateboard Manufacturers in China?

Choosing the best electric skateboard manufacturers in China is not a hard task. You only need to have the right information. That’s to say, you need a way of finding the best from the many options out there.

To choose the best, you need to look at the quality of their products, their brand, prices, and what traders, including wholesalers and retailers, have to say.

Warranty, support, and delivery times/options are also some of the other most important things you should check. With these in mind, you will no doubt arrive at a perfect option.

All you need is a reliable electric skateboard manufacturer that will meet your wholesale supply needs.

As an electric skateboard manufacturer with more than 20 years of experience, dare not say that we are the best, but we will do our best to support you and your business. Just contact us now!

7)    When is the Best Time to Import Electric Skateboards from China?

You can import electric skateboards from China anytime. However, the best time would be when you are anticipating an increase in demand.

To make the right timing, you need to find out how long it takes to get your order. Once you are sure about all these, go ahead to get your stock.

As a precaution, you need to make the correct estimates. Ordering too much might lead to losses. Similarly, ordering a few will deny you a chance of making profits.

8)    How Do I Make Direct Orders from Chinese Electric Skateboard Factories?

You simply need to contact the electric skateboard manufacturer directly. Most electric skateboard factories these days provide a way of contacting them online.

In your letter, message or email, you need to specify the type of electric skateboard you want, the quantity, and other vital details necessary.

Once you submit the details, the electric skateboard factory will package them. Depending on your agreement on the delivery method, you will get the order within the agreed period.

If you are making your first order, it might be good to do some homework first. You can then make huge orders later once you build loyalty with your preferred electric skateboard factory.

9)    How Do I Ship Electric Skateboards from China?

You can ship electric skateboards from China using the two most commonly used means. It all depends on the quantity that you intend to get.

If you are ordering a large quantity from China, you can shit it as a Full Container Load (FCL). In such a case, the whole container will be full of your e-skateboards.

If you want to order electric skateboards plus some other items, you will ship it as a Less than Container Load (LCL). Your electric skateboards should not, however, be less than ten pcs.

Each of the two methods works and delivery time depends on many factors, including where you are going to receive them.

10)    How Do I Assess the Quality of Electric Skateboards?

You will find lots of new electric skateboard manufacturers and companies these days. They are all trying to meet the increasing demand for skateboards in the market. While this is good for competition, it’s also easy to pick a poor-quality product if you are not careful.

As a businessperson dealing in electric skateboards, you need to know where to source your stock, so you sell high-quality products to your clients. That means you need to take the time to do a thorough assessment.

Here are things to check:

Material and Style

Maple, carbon fiber/fiberglass, or bamboo are common materials. Some electric skateboard manufacturers also use a composite of them. That means you’ll find different qualities of materials out there. A durable type is the best.

Styles also vary from one electric skateboard manufacturer to another. Big and reputable companies often have special designs and styles that make their products unique.

If you want to stock the best, make your orders from such electric skateboard manufacturers.

Spare Parts and Warranty

Every buyer that comes to your electric skateboard wholesale or retail store expects to get a good warranty and spare parts when the demand arises. You too should, therefore, ensure that you source your stock from electric skateboard manufacturers that offer the best.

Spare parts availability is also a great factor. E-skateboards do not last forever. They can break down at any time.

It is thus a good idea to make sure that the brands you stock in your store have spare parts that one can get any time they want.

Battery Type and Charge Time Range

If you’ve been selling electric skateboards for quite a while, you know that buyers often check the battery type much more than everything else. They want something that lasts and charges within a short time range.

As you make orders from electric skateboard manufacturers, ensure that their battery types are the best. With that, you’ll have a good selling point.

If customers can get the best, they will always buy from your electric skateboard wholesale or retail store.

Type of Motor

Electric skateboard motors can either be the hub or belt-driven type. While they serve the same purpose of driving the skateboard, you need to understand what buyers want. Stock skateboards with a motor type that buyers love.

You will find that most electric skateboards in the market use belt-driven motors. That means it is a popular type. However, you should also stock electric skateboards that use the hub motor since non-technical riders love it.

11)    How Do I Find the Best Electric Skateboard Suppliers from China?

You do not need to struggle today to find electric skateboard suppliers as was the case a couple of years ago.

There are quick and reliable methods you can use to find reliable suppliers who will not disappoint you. They include:

Online Search

A quick search on China electric skateboard manufacturers will lead you to a couple of options that you can choose from. All you need to do after getting a list is to assess each and find the most reliable option.

Sourcing Agents

Sourcing agents can help you find the best electric skateboard suppliers from China. You only need to let them know the brands of electric skateboards that you want. If you use the right agents, it is quite easy to find suppliers.

Global Market-places

Leading online marketplaces such as Amazon and Alibaba can also be the best places to find the best electric skateboard suppliers from China. These platforms sell products, and you can easily get ways of contacting suppliers on these platforms as well.


You can also find the best electric skateboard suppliers from other wholesalers and retailers. If you can seek the advice of those who have been in the industry for a long, you will get the best suppliers.

12)    Do All Electric Skateboard Manufacturers Offer Warranty?

Generally, all-electric skateboard manufacturers should offer warranties for their products. While most of them do, the length varies greatly.

The timespan that most companies offer varies from six months to one year. During the period, you should report any fault or issue with your electric skateboard. Depending on the extent of damage, you can free repair or replacement.

But what does the warranty mean? Is there anything that you can learn from it? Yes, in most cases, long periods mean the product is well done hence the manufacturer is almost sure that not faults will occur.

A short period could be a signal of possible problems in the future that the electric skateboard manufacturer is not willing to fix. So, always go for electric skateboards that have relatively long warranty periods.

For electric skateboard wholesalers or retailers, a long period will even be a selling point to your target buyers.

13)    Which Are the Best Wholesale Electric Skateboard Suppliers in Europe?

You can use any of the following electric skateboard wholesale suppliers in Europe if you want the best products:


Currently based in the UK, this company manufactures a wide range of products including electric skateboards, electric skateboard spare parts their accessories as well. If you want the best electric skateboards at great prices, you should try this electric skateboard manufacturer.


It operates in the UK and produces electric skateboards, bikes, and their respective accessories. Its products are the best when it comes to durability. You can also upgrade them when you want, so you don’t always have to buy new ones.


It is located in France and manufactures electric skateboards, electric cars for kids, and electric bikes as well. It has been in the industry for over two decades. It is also associated with many top brands in the market.


For many years, this company has been producing cutting-edge electric vehicles in Spain. You can thus fully rely on it for your wholesale electric skateboard needs. It is an innovative brand that produces some of the best skateboards, spare parts, and accessories.


If safety and quality are the parameters you are looking at then this company based in Germany is the best bet. It manufactures electric skateboards and parts. You can order from it directly for your wholesale needs anytime.


One of the leading producers of all-terrain electric skateboards, electric skateboard parts, electric mountain boards, and electric longboards in the UK. The company is known for its great improvements in its products over time. It also offers the best customer support.


Purchasing wholesale electric skateboards from this UK-based company is a good idea. You will get high-quality products, at competitive prices and enjoy a wide product range. You will get both skateboards and accessories anytime.

However, buy directly from Chinese electric skateboard manufacturers are a good option.

14)    Which Electric Skateboard is Bestseller?

As an electric skateboard wholesaler or retailer, you need to always know which type is the bestseller.

If you stock bestseller types, you will always enjoy a fast rate of stock exhaustion meaning more profits for your business. So which type sells fast?

Generally, electric skateboards with hub motors are bestsellers. Many riders prefer these models for reasons that include:

  • Efficiency
  • Silent operation
  • Affordability

Users also argue that even when the battery is almost running out, one can push them since the motor offers some level of resistance. They are, therefore, a popular type, especially among riders who want to use their electric skateboards for light travels.

15)    Are Electric Skateboards Legal in Australia?

By definition, electric skateboards are not illegal in Australia. However, laws in most states of Australia do not define it comprehensively.

Each state has its laws. It is, therefore, good to understand the laws that govern the sale and even riding of electric skateboards in your state.

For purposes of coming up with a general rule, the National Transport Commission is at the moment assessing the impact of electric skateboards as well as other mobility devices.

New laws about legality, sale and riding are likely to change anytime depending on the outcome of the assessment. So, watch out, so you know what to do and avoid in your state.

16)    Are Electric Skateboards Legal in the UK?

The direct answer would be a no since previously, it was illegal to ride electric skateboards on the roads or even footpaths in London, Wales, and Scotland.

However, this has changed as there have been initiatives to come up with new regulations governing the riding e-skateboards and others.

Running wholesale shops can be okay since people can buy and use them privately. Also, there are UK-based companies that make and sell electric skateboards.

17)    Are Electric Skateboards Legal in Denmark?

Yes, electric skateboards are legal in Denmark. You, however, need to observe some rules that regulate how to use one on public roads and footpaths.

The regulations in Denmark require that the e-skateboard must weigh less than 10kgs and the speed must not be above 20km/h.

For electric skateboard wholesalers, you just need to ensure that you get the pre-requisite licensing.

18)    Are Electric Skateboards Legal in France?

Yes, they are legal.

You are free to import, stock for sale and even ride electric skateboards in France. You’ll even find companies that produce it within the country.

The only rule you have to observe as a trader is that you must sell to people who are above 12 years old.

Also, the maximum speed that riders are allowed to hit when riding is 25km/h.

19)    Are Electric Skateboards Legal in Germany?

The rule in Germany is that riders can only operate electric skateboards in public areas if they have handlebars.

What this means is that it’s okay to ride bikes, electric scooters but not appropriate for electric skateboards. This rule, without a doubt, defeats the purpose of electric skateboards.

In a nutshell, one can then say that the law prohibits the riding of electric skateboards in public areas in Germany.

20)    Are Electric Skateboards Legal in Italy?

No, they are not legal.

So, you may not do well if you plan to open a wholesale or retail store business for electric skateboards since they are not legal.

Interestingly, almost all other modes of personal electric transport are allowed. Whether this is an oversight or not, it may not be good for people who love skateboarding.

Maybe in the future, the Italian government will consider revising its law on the use of electric skateboards within its borders.

21)    Are Electric Skateboards Legal in Greece?

No, electric skateboards are illegal in Greece. However, there are plans to come up with rules and regulations that will govern the riding of e-skateboards and other electric riding devices.

At the moment, you can use electric skateboards privately. For public spaces, the law is likely to define soon what one ought to observe.

If you ride on the footpath, you are deemed to be a pedestrian. You must, therefore, observe pedestrian rules, including not riding above a speed of 6km/h.

On the road, you have to observe what cyclists do. That is, not riding above a maximum speed of 25km/h.

The use of electric skateboards means wholesalers are free to stock these devices and sale.

22)    Are Electric Skateboards Legal in Austria?

The Austrian law does not classify electric skateboards.

We can, however, use the cases of related electric devices to conclude the use of electric skateboards in Austria.

In the recent past, the government has also allowed the riding of e-scooters. Also, the use of hoverboards is allowed on sidewalks.

Since electric skateboards sit in between these other two devices, we can say that it makes sense for one to ride electric skateboards.

For sellers, maybe you can sell e-skateboards but ensuring you acquire all relevant trading licenses.

23)    Which Country First Introduced and Banned Skateboarding?

You need to know this if you love skateboarding. Skateboarding was first introduced in Norway. That happened in the year 1978, and that’s when the first ones were sold.

In the same year of introduction, a lot happened that saw the number of sales reduce drastically.

Reports from the US indicated that in the same year, about 100,000 children were injured. But that’s not all. 28 died due to severe injuries.

Seeing what was happening, the Norwegian government banned skateboarding in November 1978.

The ban lasted until the year 1989 when it was rebounded.

24)    What Are the Common Problems with Electric Skateboards?

As a wholesaler, retailer, or just user of an electric skateboard, you need to master your products. It is one way to save yourself from awkward moments of breakdown. In most cases, the issues that skateboards often experience are things you can resolve.

The most common problems include not limited to:

  • The battery won’t switch one
  • The battery won’t recharge
  • Speed wobbles
  • Skateboard rides funny
  • Clicking bearings
  • Funny sounds when braking
  • Squeaky trunks
  • Wheels misaligned
  • Low range problems

The leading causes of these problems are often trauma and water damage. So, if you keep your electric skateboard well away from water and misuse, you are likely to avoid most of these issues.

25)    How Long Does Electric Skateboard Battery Last?

It all depends on the type and your maintenance practices.

If you maintain the battery well, it can last for between 300-1000 charge cycles. Thereafter, it reaches 80% of its capacity.

What does this mean? Well, for someone who uses their electric skateboard daily, the battery can last for between 1 to 3 years.

The span varies from one battery to another and how one keeps their skateboard.

26)    What Are the Types of Batteries Used for Electric Skateboards?

Lithium Battery

An electric skateboard can use any of the following types of batteries:

LiPo (Lithium Polymer)

They are the most powerful type of batteries out there in the industry. They have less voltage sag or drop in performance. So, if you are dealing with users who want to use their skateboards for tasks that are a little harder, then these are the best.

You will find LiPo batteries in different forms and shapes. This is the case since they are built as more of a fluid rather than individual cells. They are also much cheaper compared to other types out there.

As a handler of these batteries, you need to beware of one thing. That these are a little bit dangerous if you handle them carelessly. As a wholesaler or retailer, you need to learn how to handle and store them.

When storing LiPo batteries, you should drain them to some percentage before storing. Note also that these batteries are often sensitive to temperature as well as physical damage.

Li-ion (Lithium-ion)

You already know this type and must even be having it in your stores for sale. It is the most common type in the industry. They are not only used in electric skateboards but also in laptops and smartphones.

They are safe and often come in one cylindrical shape. They also use microchips to charge and discharge, have a longer life cycle, and cheap.

Please, note that while they are the most common, they also have a downside. Most users have, on many occasions, complained of voltage sags.

LiFePo (Lithium Iron Phosphate)

You will rarely find this type of battery in the market. It is relatively new, and most companies that make electric skateboards do not use it.

One of the advantages of using it compared with the other types is the fact that they are highly durable. They often do not have a lot of voltage sage, hence their life cycle is quite long.

If you plan to stock this type as part of your stock for sale, beware of one downside. These batteries are generally very rare and expensive as well.

27)    What Are the Tips for Lengthening the Lifespan of Electric Skateboard Battery?

Electric Skateboard Battery Lifespan

Whether you are a seller of electric skateboard batteries or a user, knowing how to keep their lifespan is great.

As a seller, you will keep your stock safe and offer good products to your buyers. For a rider, you’ll avoid unnecessary costs.

The lifespan of your batteries depends on how you handle them. Your storage, as well as use conditions, matter the most. Here are useful tips that you can consider:

  • Always store your batteries, whether few or many, at room temperature
  • Avoid keeping your batteries at a 0% charge level
  • Check often as batteries will often discharge on their own when not in use
  • For a wholesaler, always order directly from the manufacturer
  • For a user always charge your battery before it drops to empty status
  • If you are storing batteries for the long term, store them at a 50% charge level

The most important things to keep in mind are the charging depth of charging and temperature.

28)    How Does an Electric Skateboard Work?

You need to understand how electric skateboards work. If you want to operate them safely without causing damage to them or yourself, master them. Yes, e-skateboards look attractive and sleeker, but that’s not all you need to know.

First, you need to note that electric skateboards are motor-driven. If you turn them upside down, you will see an electric motor and a battery.

An electric skateboard also comes with remote control. If you pull the trigger of the remote control so you open the throttle, it will transmit data. It does so use electromagnetic waves, to the ESC (electromagnetic speed controller).

When you opt to accelerate the board, the ESC takes the signal then draws sufficient energy to reach the speed levels that you want.

The power is drawn from the battery, goes to the motor which then drives the wheels of your skateboard. The same process happens each time you choose to accelerate.

That’s it. It is all about getting the required energy, transmitting it, and then driving the skateboard forward. It’s nothing complicated.

29)    What are the Most Important Components of Electric Skateboards?


An electric skateboard has many components. They all work together to ensure that the board does its work.

Here are the most important components you worth knowing:


Wheels transfer the rider’s weight from the trucks to the pavement. So, without them, your e-skateboard won’t work. You will find them in different shapes and sizes depending on the type of skateboard.


The trucks transfer the weight of the rider to the bearings and the wheels as well. It, therefore, determines how the skateboard will ride.

For great strength, the trucks are made of metal. These trucks also have several other smaller components within them that include kingpin, baseplate, axle, hanger, and bushings.



It’s the most important component that drives the skateboard. It usually comes in two types. Hub and belt motor. The hub is often placed directly inside the wheel. The belt, on the other hand, uses a belt to connect the wheel to the motor pulley.

Usually, the motor determines a lot of stuff. An electric skateboard is as powerful as its motor. Without a good motor, your skateboard won’t drive. So, it’s good to keep this in mind when handling it.


It is the component that stores energy. It is also the heaviest component due to the role that it plays. It supplies power to the motor, which then drives the wheels.

As already explained, there are different types of batteries. The most common one you’ll find in the market is the lithium-ion type.

A good battery with a long lifespan is the best for an electric skateboard.

Electronic Speed Controller (ESC)


The ESC is the brain of the electric skateboard. It controls the functioning of the electric skateboard, and especially with regards to how much power is drawn from the battery to other components to drive it forward.

Bluetooth Transmitter & Receiver

You will find the transmitter inside the remote controller. It, together with the receiver, facilitate the seamless flow of communication through signals.

In a nutshell, these are the components that help you control how you want your electric skateboard to operate while riding it.

30)    What Does One Need to Build an Electric Skateboard?

So, you are convinced you should be making your electric skateboards? Well, what does it take to produce high-quality ones? Interestingly, you do not necessarily have to be an electrical engineer to do the job.

What you need is the desire backed by the right information. Most importantly, you need the following key determinants of your success in building an electric skateboard:

  • Passion
  • Time
  • Money

Passion will drive you to find information on how you can successfully build an electric skateboard. Sufficient time ensures that you get it right and money is what you need to purchase components, tools, and necessary equipment.

With the right information, you will realize that building an electric skateboard is all about assembling its parts. They include board, motor, battery, battery pack cells, belt, wheel, wheel pulley, drive pulley, ESC, belt, and a controller.

31)    Which Motor is Used in Electric Skateboards?


An electric skateboard is as good as its motor.

As already explained, there are two types of motors that electric skateboards can use. These are hub drive motor and belt-driven motor.

Both motors work well, but there are slight differences in how they operate.

The most common type of motor used in electric skateboards is the hub drive motor. Almost all the leading brands of electric motors out there use this motor.

The best motor should supply the best torque, be customizable and less noise.

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