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With 20 years of experience in electric scooter manufacturing, Hydo Sports has been one of the best electric scooters manufacturers in China, supply and wholesale the best electric scooters from China to worldwide.

The main categories of our electric scooter are electric scooters for commuting and off-road electric scooters for fun. Send us an inquiry now and let’s boost your business.

i-One Electric Scooter
Max Range:Up to 23 km
Max Speed:30 km/h
Max Load:120 kg
i-One PRO Electric Scooter
Max Range:Up to 40 km
Max Speed:30 km/h
Max Load:120 kg
i-Max Electric Scooter
Max Range:Up to 40 km
Max Speed:30 km/h
Max Load:140 kg
i-Max PRO Electric Scooter
Max Range:Up to 45 km
Max Speed:35 km/h
Max Load:150 kg
Max Range:Up to 9 km
Max Speed:15 km/h
Max Load:50 kg
Max Range:Up to 25 km
Max Speed:25 km/h
Max Load:100 kg
Electric scooter HYDE104
Max Range:Up to 20 km
Max Speed:30 km/h
Max Load:100 kg
Electric scooter HYDE107
Max Range:Up to 23 km
Max Speed:30 km/h
Max Load:120 kg
Max Range:Up to 50 km
Max Speed:35 km/h
Max Load:100 kg
Max Range:Up to 60 km
Max Speed:40 km/h
Max Load:120 kg
T8 Electric Scooter
Max Range:Up to 55 km
Max Speed:70 km/h
Max Load:150 kg
T9 Off-road Electric Scooter with rear box
Max Range:Up to 70 km
Max Speed:78888km/h
Max Load:150 kg
Max Range:Up to 8 km
Max Speed:12km/h
Max Load:70 kg
Max Range:Up to 8 km
Max Speed:12km/h
Max Load:70 kg
Max Range:Up to 8 km
Max Speed:12km/h
Max Load:70 kg
HYDE108 Unicycle Electric Scooter White Rear


Max Range:Up to 20 km
Max Speed:20 km/h
Max Load:120 kg

Hydo Sports: Your Reliable Electric Scooter Manufacturer in China

Thanks to strict quality-control and moderate prices, annually, millions of dollars worth of our electric scooters and other outdoor products march into the world market, other than the Chinese domestic market, including Europe North American, South American, and Korea.

If you are looking for a dependable, responsive, high-quality electric scooter manufacturer, then you have come to the right place.

Contact us and let us earn your trust by turning mere words into action. We’re confident you’ll never look back.

Hydo Sports: Best Electric Scooter Manufacturer

High-quality electric scooters come from an advanced electric scooter manufacturing process, Hydo Sports manufactures different types of electric scooters for kids or adults, for street or for all-terrain.

You can choose different kinds of electric scooters for different consumers.

Just send us your detailed business requirement, we will give you the best electric scooter option.

Electric scooter for commuting:
Electric scooter for off-road:

Simple Customization for Free

As expert electric scooter manufacture, simply customize your brand on the electric scooters that are available and free. Usually print or laser engraving the LOGO on the electric scooter body, even LOGO on the LCD displays are available.

If you have any other ideas or requirements to customize the electric scooters, just send us the inquiry now, and let’s talk about details!

Electric Scooter – The Complete FAQ Guide

This is an exhaustive electric scooter FAQ list. It covers all the very vital details you need to know about it. You need this information as a potential or current electric scooter trader.

Whether you want to venture into electric scooter wholesale, retail, importation, or any business related to electric scooters, this guide helps you get useful insights.

So, just before you commit your resources to your dream business, read this guide.

1.    What Do I Need to Start an Electric Scooter Business?

There is more to venturing into an electric scooter business than just getting business space and registering it.

You need to take the right steps. Make sure that your business is legally compliant, planned properly, and ready to compete in the market.

Here are the most essential things you need when starting your electric scooter business:

  • Write a clear business plan
  • Establish a legal electric scooter entity
  • Register for state and federal taxes
  • Open a bank account for your business
  • Set up an accounting system for incomes and expenses
  • Obtain all the necessary licenses and permits
  • Obtain a good business insurance
  • Find a reliable electric scooter manufacturer

2.    Are Electric Scooters Businesses Profitable?

The profitability of electric scooter businesses depends on many factors. Others fail while others make a profit and succeed.

To make profits in your electric scooter business, you have to:

  • Manage the fierce competition
  • Reduce unnecessary costs
  • Focus on building customer loyalty
  • Target your market correctly
  • Import from reliable electric scooter manufacturers

In a nutshell, while electric scooter businesses are profitable, not everyone makes it. It all depends on how you manage your business.

Treat your customers rightly. That’s the key.

3.    Which is the Best Electric Scooter Type to Sell?

Best-selling electric scooter brands change every year. You should find out the trending brands each year. Only stock those that customers love.

It’s easy to find out what customers love. You just need to read their feedback. Pay attention to market trends.

Note that the best electric scooter to sell this year might not be the best next year. So, remain up to date with developments.

4.    What Are the Steps for Starting an Electric Scooter Wholesale or Retail Business?

Electric scooter businesses have become good investments in the recent past. They are thriving in many parts of the work.

So, what does one need to start such a business? You need to know the vital steps.

Here is what you need to do:

Step#1: Research about Electric Scooter Laws in Your Area

Different countries and regions have different laws. Find out the rules that apply to electric scooter businesses in your area.

You can’t start a business that breaks rules and regulations. By all means, strive to abide by all regulations applicable in your area.

To get better information, make inquiries from authorities.

Step#2: Write Your Business Growth Plan

You need to plan how you will grow. Maybe start with retail, then move to wholesale. You can also consider venturing into an electric scooter renting business.

Planning growth means laying down a strategy for the future. You need to plan how you will get a bigger market share. More space is also part of business growth.

However, small you start, plan to grow within the foreseeable future.

Step#3: Raise Capital

You need to raise sufficient capital. For your information, the prices of good electric scooters start from 200USD. The price might, however, be lower for second-hand types.

The best way to raise capital is through savings. You can also borrow from banks. Whichever option, please, get sufficient capital to help you kick off operations.

You need capital for stock, premises, licensing, and marketing, and other startup activities.

Step#4: Secure a Good Premise

A good business premise is very vital for an electric scooter business. An ideal location would be in high-traffic areas. You need to sell where people can easily see your scooters.

If you can get space in an area near the beach or tourist resort, that would be great. You can do many businesses in such places.

You can sell or rent scooters as well.

Step#5: Find a Reliable Electric Scooter Supplier

Stock high-quality electric scooters. Don’t just buy for selling. Sell what customers will enjoy.

If you want the best electric scooters from China, use top brands. You can find great suppliers from reputable online platforms.

Once you find a supplier, build a good working relationship.

Step#6: Market Your Electric Scooter Business

You need to sell your brand. Let buyers in your area know that you have scooters for them. It takes effective marketing and advertising to succeed.

You can use posters, flyers, websites, social media, and cooperation with others to bring customers.

Attending exhibitions is also another way to market your business.

Use as many methods as possible to sell your brand.

Step#7: Monitor and Adjust Your Operations Accordingly

Monitoring helps detect pitfalls early. You need to monitor key aspects. They include growth, stock turnover, customer response, and areas of focus.

You also remain flexible. Be proactive instead of being reactive.

Monitoring is very vital.

5.    Do I Need Insurance for Electric Scooters Business?

For an importer, wholesaler, or retailer, you will ensure your business as a whole. Depending on the policy you sign, you will also get compensation for damaged stock/scooters.

Note that insurance regulations vary from one country to another. However, there are common insurance facts you should know.

For riders in most countries, you are not required to subscribe to auto insurance. Reason? Scooters are not used on highways and public roads.

Even if you use on such roads, the speed limit is 50km/h. The rule varies depending on your country or place of residence.

So, what happens in case of accidents? If you cause damage to a third party, you ought to compensate them.

Your home’s liability insurance takes care of that.

6.    What Type of Plan Do I Need for My Electric Scooter Business to Get Funding?

You need a solid business plan to get funding. It is almost impossible to get startup funding without a clear plan.

The plan should capture key areas. It should explain how you will raise revenue, manage risk, and expand operations.

Outline your measures for mitigating the effects of shortfalls in revenue or income.

As you write the plan, make sure you balance it well. You should not focus on sales only. Many other aspects determine profitability.

In case of a challenge, seek help, so you get a solid plan for your business. You need it for funding and success in your activities.

7.    How Do I Get Free Shipping when Importing Electric Scooters?

Free shipping means that you reduce costs to almost zero. For your information, there is no completely free shipping.

So, how do you reduce costs? Here are some useful tips that you can consider:

  • Import your e-scooters in bulk and ship them by sea
  • If you cannot order in big quantities find an electric scooter manufacturer with a warehouse in your market
  • Weigh your electric scooter packages and if possible, reduce dimensions
  • Find discounted rates of shipping
  • Get third party insurance
  • Use poly mailers instead of boxes where possible
  • Use prepaid shipping

8.    What is the Best Electric Scooter Market to Import from?

China is the best market to import electric scooters from. Whether you are within Asia or outside, electric scooter manufacturers from China are world-leading.

But that’s not all. What’s also great about the Chinese electric scooter market is that you will find a wide range of companies to deal with.

Common electric scooter brands in China that you can consider include:

  • Xiaomi
  • InMotion

Apart from China, you can also find good markets in the USA. Common brands in the US include:

  • Go Trax
  • Swagtron

The best way to get the best electric scooter markets is to do a comparison. List the options, evaluate them, and then narrow them down to just a few.

But remember that electric scooter brands and markets in China are leading worldwide.

9.    How Do I Assess the Quality of Electric Scooters before Importing?

You have to consider several things when buying electric scooters. Whether you are getting them from wholesalers or manufacturers, quality checks are very vital.

Here are the quality aspects you ought to consider:


The carrying weight of electric scooters is an indicator of quality. It also impacts portability. Most importantly, it indicates how much weight the scooter can comfortably carry.

Depending on the type of motor, buyers often love electric scooters which have weights ranging between 23-26.5 lbs. Others may, however, prefer more or less than these weights.


High-quality electric scooters have elegant design features. They include great stability, good wiring, a foldable design, and a cool look.

You ought to find out what customers want and go for electric scooters with such designs.

Things like color and are customizable to suit personal style.


Price is often an indicator of quality. In most cases, price increases with quality. So, if you want the best electric scooters, you must be willing to make a little bit higher budget.

Note also that most high-end electric scooters often have a high price tag. They have more features and are good when it comes to quality as well.

When importing, don’t always buy from the cheapest manufacturers.

Quality is very vital, and the price reflects it.

Motor Power

High-quality electric scooters should have a motor power of, at least, 250 watts. With such power, one can comfortably get across hills and flat grounds easily.

Also, scooters with dual motors or single but powerful are good when it comes to quality. Those are the ones you should go for as a user of dealer of electric scooters.

Maximum Speed

There is no much to talk about when it comes to quality and maximum speed. However, scooters that can hit a speed of 20mph at their fastest are often the best.


Electric scooters have either airless or pneumatic tires. What’s the difference? Pneumatic tires are usually good in shock absorption. They, however, need regular maintenance.

Airless tires, on the other hand, offer a smooth ride and are ventilated to absorb shock. With this type, you are less likely to experience the problem of flat tires.

Use the differences to make a choice. If you are a seller, stock electric scooters with the type of tires that most buyers like.


Effective and reliable brakes are an indicator of good quality. All brakes of electric scooters must, therefore, be in good working condition.

Common types of electric scooter brakes include:

  • Foot brakes
  • Disc brakes
  • Electric brakes
  • Drum brakes

Electric scooters will often have, at least, one of the above types. The most effective type, at least, as per customer reviews and feedbacks is disc brakes. So, electric scooters with this type of brakes are the best.


Not all warranties that electric scooters come with are reliable and you can count on them. Some are just narrow to a few aspects and for a short time.

Good warranties are those that cover all vital areas. They should cover all aspects of possible damage during the first few months of use.

Manufacturers of high-quality scooters often offer to give you a brand new scooter. However, that is if only what you initially bought malfunctions within the first three months.

All these factors are vital when assessing the quality of electric scooters. You should. However, note that some are more relevant than others, depending on your needs. So, consider your own needs when making purchase decisions.

10.What Should I Do If Counterfeit Electric Scooters Are Shipped to My Business?

You need to contact the shipping company, sourcing agent, or manufacturer immediately. It is best when you do it as soon as your stock arrives and you inspect it.

Good electric scooter manufacturers will often replace counterfeit products. They may also offer compensation if necessary.

To get a replacement or compensation, the damage or mistake must have originated from the manufacturer.

Note that any damage as a result of mishandling at the port or by you in your store, may not be eligible for compensation.

The key takeaway here is that inspect immediately and report any product that is not up to the required standards.

11.What Quality Certifications Should Electric Scooters Pass?

The quality of electric scooters varies greatly. So, just before, you allow your manufacturer or exporter to ship your stock, let them pass various certifications first.

Here are the most important certifications:

a)    Battery Certification

There are three battery certifications that electric scooters should pass. These are:

UN 38.3

Regulations across the world require that departments that deal in cargo, especially airlines have a test report for lithium batteries.

Manufacturers of electric scooters should provide a lithium battery UN38.3 test.

No civil aviation company offers services for items without this test.

Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS)

It is also referred to as the Safety Data Sheet (SDS) in European countries. Please, note that the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) uses SDS to refer to this certification.

Otherwise, other organizations, especially those in the United States, Canada, Australia, and other countries use MSDS.

MSDS is a certification that tests chemical safety. It examines the physical as well as chemical properties of all chemicals that manufacturers use in making electric scooters.

Chemical aspects of interest in this certification include:

  • Flammability
  • PH
  • Reactivity
  • Flashpoint

MSDS also seeks to determine if these chemicals can pose any health risks to users.

On average, the MSDS certification tests about sixteen physical, as well as chemical properties. It is, therefore, comprehensive legal documentation.

For safety, ensure that the scooters you import have this certification.


EN62133 is a certification that tests various quality aspects of rechargeable, alkaline, or any other nonacid battery.

It tests items such as low-rate charging, high-rate charging, overcharge, external short circuit, high temperature, low temperature, vibration, mechanical shock, free fall and heat abuse.

If a scooter is good in these battery certifications, you can stock it. It means it is internally fit for sale with regards to the quality of the battery.

b)    International Certification
CB Certification

Certification Bodies (CB) is a body that issues certificates of conformity for all electrical products.

CB reports show a list of requirements that electrical and electronic products must meet. It displays product images, product descriptions, photos, and circuit diagrams.


International Electrical Commission (IEC) promotes standardization in electrical and electronic products across the world.

Note that IEC is a body and not a certification. So, a certification that shows conformity to IEC standards is the CB certification described above.

c)     European Certification

There are different European certifications, but we’ll focus only on two that are relevant for electric scooters. These are:

Conformité Européenne (CE)

CE is a safety certification. It seeks to ensure that a product does not endanger humans, animals, and even other goods. 

It is a requirement for every manufacture before they get a permit to sell anything in the European market. Whether they do the production within Europe or outside, CE certification is a must. 

Every product, including electric scooters, must have a CE mark affixed to it. It is an indication that it meets basic safety requirements. 


ROHS stands for Restriction of Hazardous Substances.

It is a certification that ensures that electric products are safe for human health and the environment as well. 

The purpose of the ROHS test is to eliminate mercury, polybrominated diphenyl, polybrominated biphenyls, hexavalent chromium, and lead in motor electronics. More specifically, it seeks to ensure that lead does not exceed 0.1% levels. 

The ROHS certification applies to all member states of the European Union (EU). 

d)    Americas Certification

FCC is an abbreviation for Federal Communications Commission.

Telecommunications, satellite, radio, cable, and other electric products should pass the FCC certification.

So, products including electric scooters cannot enter the US market, if they do not have FCC approval.

UL Certification

It is a short form for Underwriter Laboratories.

UL is the largest and most authoritative safety laboratory in the United States. It works as an independent, private organization that tests for public safety.

Testing aspects of the UL include electrical as well as mechanical components. It takes into consideration the effects of exposure of products including electrical ones into the water and extreme temperatures.

For electrical safety, electric products, including scooters must pass this certification.

CSA Certification

Canadian Standards Association (CSA) is one of the most reputable standards organizations in the world.

Products, including electrical and electronic appliances, must pass CSA certification to enter the North American market.

Your electric scooter stock will, therefore, need a CSA logo before you can sell them in North America and other markets.

e)    Asia Certification

There are about seven Asian certifications (CCC, KC, KCC, NCC, PSE, VCCI, and TELEC). Among these one that is more relevant for electric scooters is CCC.

CCC is an abbreviation for China Compulsory Certification. It is a Chinese government certification that seeks to protect consumers and also ensure that there is national security.

Products that must meet this certification requirement include electrical appliances, including electric scooters.

CCC also applies to a wide range of other products such as motor vehicles, medical equipment, switches, and household appliances among others.

Note that CCC is under the quality marks category and not a safety certification.

12.How Do I Reduce the Cost of Warehouse Storage for Imported Electric Scooters?

The cost of warehouse storage reduces your profit margins. It is, therefore, advisable that you find ways of minimizing them.

To avoid losing money in warehouses, here are things you can do whenever you import electric scooters:

  • Optimize space since occupying more of it means you pay more
  • Protect your inventory to avoid theft and misplacement
  • Transfer products directly to scooters upon clearance
  • Reduce costs associated with energy in warehouses
  • Reduce warehouse labor-related costs
  • Make use of technology to save costs
  • Cut equipment use without compromising safety

By all means, implement cost-cutting measures when handling stock in warehouses. Keep in mind that prices are only the only determinants of profits.

13.Should I Hire Sourcing Agents When Searching for the Best Electric Scooters to Import?

While it is not a must that you hire them, sourcing agents can be very helpful if you are importing for the first time.

Normally, a sourcing agent takes up the sourcing process. That is, searching for the product for your company.

The agent will locate the right manufacturers, let you know the prices of electric scooters, and all certifications necessary before shipping your stock.

As payment for their work, sourcing agents often charge a commission. It is usually between 1% and 10% of the factory price of your electric scooters.

Use a sourcing agent if you are new and do not have reliable information about electric scooter manufacturers. It will save you the hassle of searching and reduce the chances of you getting counterfeit products and exorbitant prices.

14.What Cost Factors Should I Consider When Importing Electric Scooters?

Although prices play a very vital role when it comes to costs, there are other factors. For an importer, other cost factors include:

  • Applicable tax
  • Shipping costs
  • Storage costs at the warehouse
  • Transport costs from the port of entry to your premises
  • Insurance

As an importer, you should find ways of minimizing all these costs if you want to make more profits.

Don’t concentrate on prices alone. Strive to reduce other costs as well.

15.How Do I Choose the Best Suppliers of Electric Scooters?

Good suppliers of electric scooters are those that meet your needs. They should sell your high-quality scooters, offer delivery support, and are ready to respond to call for help.

You should also find the length of time the respective supplier has been in the market. Work with the most experienced suppliers if you want to enjoy convenience.

Find out also what other wholesalers or retailers have to say about the suppliers you are considering.

Bottom line: work with the best suppliers if you want a thriving business.

16.Do Cheap Electric Scooters Sell Fast in Comparison with Expensive Ones?

It is not always the case. Buyers often prefer specific brands or types. Some want particular types of irrespective of their price.

So, stock popular brands instead of cheap options. What’s the need of buying something that won’t last even if it’s at the lowest price tag? That’s what buyers ask.

As a trader, consider what your buyers want. If it’s expensive stock it for them, and they will still buy.

The cheapest might not always the best to sell.

17.What Other Accessories Should I sell Together with Electric Scooters?

Users of electric scooters do not just need scooters only. There are a couple of other accessories that they need too.

You can stock the following accessories in your electric scooter shop:

  • Eye protection accessories
  • Tire slime
  • Tire valve extender
  • Phone holder
  • Safety vest
  • Gloves
  • Lock
  • Front lights
  • Rear light

Every rider needs almost all these accessories. It, therefore, makes sense to stock them together with electric scooters.

18.What Safety Equipment Should I Sell with Electric scooters?

There is not much to do with safety gear when it comes to riding electric scooters. To keep oneself safe, one needs a helmet.

You should, therefore, have helmets as safety equipment to sell together with scooters.

Don’t let your customers waste their time looking for helmets elsewhere. Stock helmets as well.

Collapsible helmets are the best to sell.

19.Are there Any Peak and Off-Peak Seasons in Selling Electric Scooters?

Yes, there are peak and off-peak seasons when it comes to selling electric scooters. For instance, you should note that electric scooters are not for use in winter.

That means you may not make a lot of sales just before and during the winter period. So, plan your business such that by winter, you do not have a lot left in store.

A few people may, however, buy scooters in winter for different reasons. However, note that a few brands can withstand the brutal conditions of winter.

So, winter is often an off-peak period. Peak periods can, therefore, be before or during summer as most people love riding scooters during that season.

20.What Are the Best Payment Methods for Suppliers of Electric Scooters?

You should know the payment options to use when importing e-scooters. As a trader, here are the best methods for your international trade payments:

Letter of Credit

You should use this if you want one of the most secure methods to use when trading internationally.

LOC It is a letter from a bank that guarantees payment to a seller on time once the goods are received.

It protects both the buyer and seller.

Open Account

In an open account, goods bought are shipped before they are paid for. The period within which the payment should be made is often between 30 days to 90 days.

Generally, this method is based on trustworthiness between the parties involved. For an importer, it is safe, but for an exporter, it presents a lot of risks.

Cash in advance method

Here, you simply pay before you own the goods. Exporters who want to avoid risk often prefer this method.

As an importer, you should use this with companies you trust to supply good stock.

Documentary Collections

In this method, the seller asks their bank to forward documents related to the sale of goods to the buyer’s bank.

The documents carry an instruction to pay on specified dates and circumstances as agreed in the export-import agreement.

As an electric scooter importer, you can use any of these payment methods. It all depends on your agreement with the sourcing agent or manufacturer if you are dealing directly with them.

21.What Are the Best Delivery Options for Electric Scooters to Buyers?

It depends on the number of items or electric scooters you are delivering.

If a buyer wants many, you may consider using your delivery van to take the items to their home or wherever they want them.

For just one scooter, sending it using courier/delivery service providers may be a cost-effective method to use.

22.What Are the Future Trends in Electric Scooter Marketplaces?

You need to know future trends, so you plan your business. At the moment, the e-scooter industry trends show a booming market with great future potential. More, precisely, here are trends you need to watch as a player in the industry:

The Electric Scooter Market Will Be Worth $41.98 Billion USD by 2030

With the ever-increasing demand, the market will continue growing. A study by Grand View Research Inc. estimates that the market will be worth $41.98billion USD by 2030.

What does this mean? If you are an electric scooter supplier, you need to plan your growth as well.

You will only be part of the tremendous growth if you have a plan. You too need to widen your market.

The Asia Pacific Is Expected to Dominate the Market

You already know that world-leading electric scooter manufacturers come from the Asia Pacific region.

The Grand View Research Inc. report shows that the Asia Pacific will dominate the market. The various collaborations between automakers and researchers is expected to steer the growth.

More Countries to Pick Up the E-Scooter Industry

You must be aware that riding scooters is not legal in all countries. That trend towards acceptance and legalization is, however, expected to increase.

In the coming years, many countries will accept the use of electric scooters. They will accept it as an unparalleled substitute for the usual vehicles.

More acceptance means the industry will register more growth than in the past.

More Improvements in the Design and Features of Electric Scooters

You are likely to see more features in the near future. Things like swappable batteries, hardware upgrades, and even smart features are already taking shape.

You are also likely to see the integration of Artificial Intelligence (AI) into electric scooter technology. All these and other features will improve the comfort and safety of the rider.

23.What After-Sale Services Are Good for An Electric Scooter Business?

You can use after-sale services to build a good customer relationship. You do not have to offer a lot.

A few relevant services might be what you need to beat the competition. Here are some of the best after-sale services that you can consider:

  • Free delivery to your customer’s place
  • Create an optimized packaging that sets your sales different from others
  • Favorable warranty conditions
  • Free repair or part replacement within the warranty period
  • Free troubleshooting services in case of returns

In an increasingly competitive market, good after-sale services matter a lot. You need to do the usual sale activities, but differently.

Let your customers see the difference even after purchasing electric scooters from you.

24.How Do I Make Direct Orders from Electric Scooter Factory?

You can make direct orders from electric scooter factories using different ways. First, you can contact the factory directly online and place your order.

You can also use other platforms such as Alibaba.com or Made-in-China.com to get contacts from the factories you want.

Another method is to use an agent who’ll place the order directly from the factory on your behalf. Docshipper is an example of such professional agents.

Whichever method you use, you will get direct orders from manufacturers of electric scooters.

25.When Is the Best Time to Buy Electric Scooter from China?

Chinese electric scooter manufacturers and markets sell all year round. You can thus buy from these markets any time.

Your best time would ideally be when a peak season is approaching in your country. Maybe a holiday season is approaching, and you are anticipating a rise in demand for electric scooters.

To get your stock on time, make sure you buy an electric scooter from a reliable seller. Assess their lead times carefully. Any delays mean you will miss your planned sales period. So, timing is very fundamental.

26.Where to Buy Best Off-Road Electric Scooter in China?

You can buy the best off-road electric scooters in China on Alibaba.com.

Almost all leading Chinese manufacturers of off-road electric scooters sell through Alibaba.com for obvious reasons.

The platform gives them a chance to reach out to many buyers from across the world.

Another great platform where you can buy the best off-road electric scooter in China is Made-in-China.com.

It provides useful purchase information as well as high-quality products from leading Chinese manufacturers.

27.How to Ship Electric Scooters from China?

You can ship electric scooters from China using two options. It all depends on the volume of your order.

The two shipping options are:

Full Container Load (FCL)

You can use this when you want to ship a whole container full of scooters. It is the most appropriate when you are ordering large quantities like during the peak season.

A 20″ container can carry about 660pcs of foldable scooters.

Less than Container Load (LCL)

Under LCL, you can ship scooters together with other products. It is appropriate when you are ordering a relatively small quantity. Your order should not, however, be less than 10pcs.

Whether you use FCL or LCL, shipping remains an idea of what to get your order safely, while saving costs.

In some instances, you can use air freight services, but it is a bit expensive.

28.What Are the Most Important Things You Need to Know to Import Electric Scooters to Australia?

The most important things you need to know about important e-scooters to Australia are laws & regulations.

Electric scooter laws in Australia vary from one state to another. Here are some requirements for importation you need to know:

  • You must get import approval before you import your electric scooter
  • Apply to the Australian department of infrastructure and indicate the volumes
  • Calculate import taxes based on volumes
  • Ensure the scooters are clean during the inspection by quarantine

You can import e-scooters only if you can meet all these requirements. They are not tough ones but meant to make the process smooth.

Note that importation rules change with time. So, check always before importing.

29.How to Check If the Scooter is Street Legal in Germany?

Prior to 15th June 2019, you could not ride e-scooters on the streets of Germany. From that date henceforth, the restrictions and bureaucracy were lifted permitting the riding of electric scooters in the streets.

You, however, need to know that not all e-scooters are street legal. You can only get a license to ride your electric scooter if it meets the following criteria:

  • The maximum speed of your e-scooter does not exceed 20km/h
  • It has two brakes that work independently
  • It has a signal or a bell that warns clearly when necessary
  • The scooter has reflectors on the side and lights at the front

If your electric scooter meets all these requirements, you can use it on public roads and or streets in Germany.

You also need to know that only persons who are, at least, 14 years old can ride electric scooters in Germany.

30.How to Check If the Scooter is Street Legal in Denmark?

The riding of electric scooters on the streets of Denmark has been legal since January 2019. You should, however, note that you cannot just ride any e-scooters. You can ride it only if:

  • You have, at least, 15 years of age
  • The maximum speed of your electric scooter cannot exceed 20km/h
  • You know and can follow all traffic rules

If you meet these requirements, you are free to ride your electric scooter on the streets of Denmark.

31.How to Find a Reliable Electric Scooter Manufacturer?

You can find a reliable electric scooter manufacturer quite easily if you have a checklist.

You need to weigh a few factors, so you reduce many options to just a few. Here’s how you can find that dream electric scooter manufacturer that you want:

Find the Best Model, Not the Cheapest One

The best models are those that sell your powerful electric scooters. You need something that lasts, climbs a steep slope easily, and won’t break down often.

You can get the best models by looking at customer feedback and the quality of the product. By all means, you should avoid going for the cheapest model.

You’ll save money, but the scooter might not last.

Compare Lead Times

As an electric scooter retailer or wholesaler, timing is one way to succeed. You need to always know the lead time (how long the shipment takes to arrive).

You should always bear in mind that the sale of electric scooters is a seasonal thing. You need to time the peak periods well if you want to make good profits.

A short lead-time means that your customers get the product on time. So, let your best electric scooter manufacturer be a reliable one.

Lead time greatly affects your inventory levels and availability. Most importantly, it determines whether or not you’ll meet market demand.

Find an Electric Scooter Manufacturer that Guarantees Quality

You should strive to always find an electric scooter manufacturer that guarantees quality. But how do you assess such a trait? Well, reliable ones often promise to help whenever there are issues. They also do as they promise.

Once you find one, build a long-term working relationship with them. Working with such electric scooter manufacturers makes your work easy.

32.Ultimate Guide: Fault Diagnosis of Electric Scooter?

You are likely to encounter different problems as a rider. Your electric scooter can develop issues anytime. What do you do when that happens? You need to know how to troubleshoot.

Here are common electric scooter faults and how you can fix them:

Brakes Do Not Work Properly
  • Check the pads
  • Adjust brake cable tension
  • Maintain the brake system as regularly as possible
Fuse Keeps Blowing Out
  • Check the fuse by sight, smell, and touch
  • Avoid overloading the scooter
  • Check the motor and speed controller
  • Check all electrical components of the scooter
Motor Runs Continuously
  • It happens mostly when the speed controller is faulty
  • So, check the throttle plus the speed controller
  • Replace the controller
Battery Does Not Charge
  • Inspect the port and charger
  • Find out the battery pack past behavior or history
  • Change the battery pack
  • Test the battery on another scooter
The Chain Has Fallen Off the Motor or Rear Wheel
  • Change the chain if it is old
  • Align the sprockets
  • Determine the sprockets and chain history
The Scooter Motor Runs Slowly
  • Check the speed controller
  • Test the battery pack in a scooter that runs faster
  • Try charging the battery a bit longer
  • Check the voltage of the battery
  • Test the charger and charging port
Batteries Lose Power Faster
  • Charge the battery for about 8hrs
  • Test the battery pack voltage
  • Inspect the charger and port
  • Change the battery

You can always fix electric scooter problems if you have insights into various issues. In most cases, electric scooter faults are issues you can fix by yourself.

You just need to have a few troubleshooting skills and tips.

33.What is the Most Important Part of an Electric Scooter?

The motor is the most important part of the electric scooter. It is the part that runs the electric scooter.

If the motor is in good condition and powerful, your scooter is powerful as well. You should, therefore, check this part carefully when making your purchase decision.

You should get an electric scooter with a powerful motor. Most importantly, you need to keep this part maintained and in good working condition always.

34.How to Repair the Electric Scooter When It Can’t Be Charged?

If you cannot charge your electric scooter, a couple of things could be problematic. You can troubleshoot such an electric scooter that does not take charge using these simple steps:

  • Inspect it by sight, smell and touch to find faults
  • Charge the pack for about 8-10hrs
  • Test the port as well as the charger
  • Test the battery on another scooter that runs
  • Test it on a faulty scooter that does not run
  • Test the battery pack voltage

If after doing all these checks the battery can’t charge, you might have to replace it with a new one. You’ll, however, in most cases arrest the culprit fast and fix it without having to replace the battery.

35.How to Modify the Speed Limitation of an Electric Scooter?

You can change the limitation by simply pressing the light button till you reach the level you desire. Press the SET button after you get to the speed level that you desire. That’s it. You just modified the speed limit of your electric scooter.

If you want to increase the speed, you can also do other alterations. Here are some actions that you can do to make your e-scooter faster:

  • Remove the speed limiter
  • Upgrade scooter’s firmware
  • Get a new battery
  • Add another extra battery
  • Change the sprockets
  • Rewind the motor

You will notice that the speed increases after you do all that. You should, however, do that if you are a pro at riding. Otherwise, the highest speeds you might attain might be dangerous. You’ll have a racing scooter by the way.

36.What if You Can’t Turn on Your Electric Scooter?

If you can’t turn on your electric scooter, there could be a serious problem. Follow these steps to troubleshoot it immediately:

  • Try pushing it to start
  • Ensure the power switch is on
  • Test the power switch or key switch
  • Try to charge the battery pack
  • Test the battery pack on another scooter that runs
  • Test the charger and the port
  • Test the voltage of your battery pack
  • Inspect the motor carefully

You won’t miss identifying an issue after all this. You might, in fact, just try one or two of these steps and you’ll be able to turn on your electric scooter.

37.What is the Best Battery Choice for Your Electric Scooters?

A lithium-ion battery might be the best choice for your e-scooter. While it sells a bit more expensive than others, it performs better than most options.

So, if you want to get value for your money, get a lithium-ion battery. But what exactly makes lithium-ion batteries the best? They are long-lasting, light, and do not need regular maintenance.

If you are a starter, you need to give a try to these batteries.

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