DK12 Surf Skateboard Deck

Surf Skateboard Decks-6 layers Canadian maple + Concave-convex pattern.

  • High-quality materials:Using 6 layers of Canadian maple wood, this provides excellent strength and durability. unique concave-convex design: the skateboard features a concave-convex design, which increases edge control and stability, making it easier for skaters to execute tricks.
  • Moderate size: With a length of 32 inches and a width of 10 inches, this size is suitable for most skaters, providing good balance and control.
  • Bottom heat transfer printing: This technology ensures that patterns and designs are clearer and more vibrant, enhancing the appearance of the skateboard.
  • Lightweight design: The weight of this skateboard is only 1.35 kilograms, making it easy to carry and transport. The lightweight design also allows skaters to be more agile during their rides.
  • Ideal for surfing and skateboarding: Due to its unique concave-convex design and size, this skateboard is suitable for both surfing and skateboarding. This makes it an ideal choice for skaters who enjoy surfing in the waves or skating in the city.


NAME Surf Skateboard Decks
DECK MATERIAL 6 layers Canadian maple + Concave-convex pattern
DESIGN Bottom heat transfer printing
NET WEIGHT 1.35 kg


EN 13613 HYD3108

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