DK11 Surf Skateboard Deck

Surf Skateboard Decks-7 Layers Canadian Maple.

  •  High-quality materials: Using 7 layers of Canadian maple wood, this provides excellent strength and durability, while ensuring the skateboard’s lightness and flexibility.
  • Various size options: There are different lengths and widths available to cater to the needs of different skaters. Whether you are a beginner or a professional, you can find the perfect size to enhance your skating experience.
  • lightweight design:The lightweight design makes it easier to carry and transport, reducing the burden on skaters.
  • Bottom printed cloth: This material provides better anti-slip performance, making skaters more stable and safe during their rides. The bottom printed cloth also has a beautiful appearance, enhancing the overall texture of the skateboard.
NAME Surf Skateboard Decks
DECK MATERIAL 7 layers Canadian maple
AVAILABLE SIZES 28.74”(L) * 9.5”(W); 30”(L) * 9.65”(W);32”(L) * 10”(W); 34”(L) * 10.23”(W)
DESIGN Bottom printed cloth
NET WEIGHT 1.3-1.55 kg


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