DK03 Skateboard Deck

Skateboard Decks- 3 Layers Bamboo + 2 Layers Fiberglass + 1 Layer Carbon Fiber.

  • High-quality materials combination: Using a combination of 3 layers of bamboo, 2 layers of fiberglass, and 1 layer of carbon fiber, this provides excellent strength and durability. Bamboo offers good lightness and elasticity, fiberglass enhances the board’s strength and durability.
  • Various size options: There are different lengths and widths available to cater to the needs of different skaters. Whether you are a beginner or a professional, you can find the perfect size to enhance your skating experience.
  • Double kick concave design: This design increases the edge control and stability of the skateboard, allowing skaters to perform better tricks. The double kick concave structure provides more edge control, making it easier for skaters to perform tricks.
  • Carbon fiber bottom: This material has excellent impact resistance and stability, providing better protection and support, making skaters more stable and safe during their rides.
  • Lightweight design: This skateboard weighs only 1.15 kg, making it easier to carry and transport. The lightweight design also reduces the burden on skaters.
NAME Skateboard Decks
DECK MATERIAL 3 layers Bamboo + 2 Layers fiberglass + 1 layer carbon fiber
AVAILABLE SIZES 31.75”(L) * 8”(W); 32”(L) * 8.125”(W); 32”(L) * 8.25”(W); 32.5”(L) * 8.5”(W)
DECK STYLE Double Kick Concave Board
DESIGN Bottom carbon fiber
NET WEIGHT 1.15 kg


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