DK01 Skateboard Deck

Skateboard Deck-7 Ply Canadian Maple Skateboard .

  • High-quality materials: Using 7 layers of Canadian maple, which ensures the strength and durability of the skateboard. The texture and hardness of Canadian maple are suitable for skateboard making, providing good control and stability.
  • Multiple size options: Provides several different lengths and widths to meet the needs of different skaters. Different people have different heights and foot types, and this diverse size selection can help more people find a skateboard that fits them, thus improving the skating experience.
  • Double kick concave design: This design can increase the edge control and stability of the skateboard, allowing skaters to perform better tricks. The double kick concave structure provides more edge control, allowing skaters to easier perform tricks.
  • Bottom printed cloth: The printed cloth on the bottom can increase the anti-slip performance of the skateboard, allowing skaters to better control the board. The printed cloth also provides better foot feel, making skaters more comfortable during skating.
  • Lightweight design: This skateboard weighs only 1.1 kg, making it easier to carry and transport. The lightweight design also reduces the burden on skaters.


NAME Skateboard Decks
DECK MATERIAL 7 layers Canadian maple
AVAILABLE SIZES 31.75”(L) * 8”(W); 32”(L) * 8.125”(W);32”(L) * 8.25”(W); 32.5”(L) * 8.5”(W)
DECK STYLE Double Kick Concave Board
DESIGN Bottom printed cloth


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